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Please understand: That our goal is solely to find the best offers for our customers, through our best booking engine linked to uncountable partners, This means you don’t pay us—you pay our partners. That’s why all issues with ticket returns, mistakes in documents, etc. should be solved directly with our partners. If you cannot solve a problem on your own, contact our support service by using email:  info@Travelauks.com. Our customers are valuable and important to us.

When you buy/purchase an online E Tickets or Hotels, make sure,that Travelauks, is a platform that provides you with great cheapest fares comparison from the world best fares providers, where you can find multi fares choices to select and book. Travelauks takes you to its partner site to book your flight & hotels

Make sure below steps, when you buy your E tickets or Hotels from Travelauks partners.

1: Before you buy the flights ticket or Hotel, please read the terms and conditions of Travelauks partner, so you are sure that what terms and conditions are applied to the flights tickets or hotels room booking.

2: Travelauks, is a cheapest fares comparison provider from its worldwide partners. They all are trust worthy and IATA license holders, So their terms & conditions are strictly applied, and Travelauks does not bear any responsibility for their terms and conditions.

3: Any ticket/Hotel you buy online, are guaranteed, and Travelauks advise you, when you book your hotel/flight ticket, you will receive a confirmation instantly in your email. You will have an invoice from the booking platform, which is your proof.

4: All partners are trustworthy and reliable. The are completely professionals, our partners are included IATA license holders, as well as the International Airlines.

5: When you search for Hotels/Flights on Travelauks, you will get a get a great fares comparison from the Airlines as well as the IATA license holders online booking sites.

6: Any ticket/Hotel you book, you will receive the invoice by email instantly.

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